Redken: toonaangevend in haarverzorging sinds 1960

Products13 October, 2023

Redken: powered by science & prescribed by pros

Written by Rob Peetoom

Innovative hair care since 1960

Founded in 1960, Redken has a rich history in the world of hair care. It all began with top stylist Jheri Redding and Hollywood actress Paula Kent. Together, they established the Redken brand, which rapidly set itself apart through scientific innovation and high-quality products.

What sets Redken apart is their profound dedication to the science of hair care. The brand embraces the latest technologies and merges them with years of expertise to create hair products that are truly effective. One of Redken's strengths lies in its wide range of product lines. Explore the popular collections.

Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom

Redken Acid Bonding Concentrate
• Redken Acid Bonding Concentrate is a treatment for damaged hair, formulated with citric acid to strengthen the hair fiber and reduce breakage.
• Suitable for: damaged hair.

Redken AllSoft
• Redken All Soft is designed to hydrate and transform dry and brittle hair. It uses argan oil for intensive nourishment and softness.
• Suitable for: dry and brittle hair.

Redken Amino Mint
• Redken Amino Mint focuses on scalp care and contains amino acids and mint to refresh and soothe the scalp.
• Suitable for: all hair types, especially men.

Redken Blondage High Bright
• Redken Blondage High Bright is ideal for blonde hair and neutralizes unwanted yellow and copper tones.
• Suitable for: blonde hair.

Redken Brews
• Redken Brews is made specifically for men and offers a wide range of products including shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
• Suitable for: men.

Rob Peetoom
Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo
Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo

Redken Frizz Dismiss

• Redken Frizz Dismiss focuses on taming frizzy hair and protecting it from moisture.
• Suitable for: frizzy hair.

Redken Color Extend
• Redken Color Extend is specially designed for colored hair. It protects hair color from fading and prolongs color vibrancy.
• Suitable for: colored hair.

Redken Extreme
• Redken Extreme is aimed at strengthening and repairing damaged hair. It helps prevent hair breakage and improves overall hair health.
• Suitable for: damaged and weakened hair.

Redken Volume Injection
• Redken Volume Injection helps give fine hair extra volume and body without weighing it down.
• Suitable for: fine hair that needs a volume boost.

Redken Scalp Relief
• Redken Scalp Relief provides solutions for scalp conditions such as dandruff and itching. It soothes and repairs the scalp.
• Suitable for: scalp problems.

Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom

Professional hair coloring

Redken's extensive range of hair coloring products provides options for all and is highly acclaimed by professionals and consumers.

Why are Redken hair coloring products so popular? They offer reliability, vibrant color intensity, and a commitment to the health of your hair. Whether you're seeking a subtle color correction or a bold transformation, Redken provides high-quality options for all your coloring needs. Book an appointment immediately.