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Chlorine Removal
Restoring greenish hue from Pool and Ocean activities using Malibu C Swimmers. Charges max for 2 packets only. Surcharge applies for those with Long Hair or persistent Green Hues.

Vanaf €500.000,00

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Keratin Short, Fine Hair
This Alfaparf Keratin treatment never fails to impress. Using some of the best products with a formuladehyde-free or an extra strong option. A customizable treatment, that smooths the hair and eliminates frizz, suitable for all hair types. Note: keep in mind, the exact amount of time and product needed for this service will depends on your hair length and thickness, therefore the prices are an indication of a 'starting at' price.

Vanaf €2.500.000,00

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Rob Peetoom
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Rob Peetoom


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Rob Peetoom

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Niet alleen voor eersteklas beautyservices, maar ook voor luxe salonproducten van de hoogste kwaliteit kun je terecht bij Rob Peetoom. De zorgvuldig samengestelde collectie is geselecteerd, getest en goedgekeurd door onze ervaren stylisten.