Creative & Corrective Color

Dreaming of a fashion or creative color, going platinum blonde or have a color nightmare and don't know how to fix it? This takes tender love and care! We want you to come in for a consultation prior to this service, to craft a process which will lead us to your desired results without damaging your hair. Consultations can be live or digital. This service is customized and crafted specifically for you, so it will include everything from glossing and toning, to repairing, protecting, smoothing and finishing your complete look. Note: keep in mind, the exact amount of time and product needed for this service is hard to predict, therefore the price quoted upon consultation is an indication of a ‘starting at’ price and prices can easily go to $1200+. Just like with the Double Process, we are in it together, it might take some time, so bring snacks, a book, money and an open mind.