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Rob Peetoom

First time at
Rob Peetoom?

We advise you to book a top stylist for your first appointment. This stylist is trained at a top level to advise and also supervises and trains other Rob Peetoom stylists.

Quality and experience

We always strive for the highest quality in everything, both in terms of selection and training of employees, as well as the choice of (the design of) our salons, as well as the services we offer and the products we work with so that we can offer the customer the best experience .

Rob Peetoom


I'm Lisa, hairdresser at Rob Peetoom. I've been working here for a year and I like the family atmosphere and our focus on the best service. It's great to make customers happy and watch their confidence grow.

Rob Peetoom


That is why we use a price differentiation method. Each level has its own price, based on the number of years of work and the training of the stylist. There is a treatment for every budget.