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Rob Peetoom color consultation

Written by Rob Peetoom

Are you considering a drastic change or in need a color correction? With a color consultation service our team of experts will create a personal plan to achieve the hairgoals you desire.

Coloring hair is an art, one that our stylists are masters at. Our experienced and intensively trained stylists will advise you during a consultation about what is possible for your hair. Whether you want a balayage, highlights, a subtle toner or a complete color change; together we will achieve a solution that perfectly suits you and your wishes.

During the consultation, the maintenance of the hair color is also taken into account, by providing advice on products and treatments that promote the color and health of the hair.

The mission of this service is not only to identify the right color shades for the hair, but also to inspire you.

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Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom

Rob Peetoom Color Services

Highlight color services
Highlights add dimension and brighten spots. With different light shades, the hair gets a fresh and 'sun-kissed' look. At Rob Peetoom we offer a Face Framing, Partial and Full Highlights treatment.

Balayage color services

Balayage is a creative hair color technique that comes from French and means "to paint". The hair color is applied by hand in smooth movements for a natural lightened effect. It can be applied locally or all over the hair.

Platinum color services

Bleaching to platinum blonde results in ultra-light blonde hair with a cool undertone, fresh and bright. If you book this service in the salon, the bleaching process will be personalized with your hair type, color and wishes in mind.

Gloss & tone color services

This treatment quickly boosts your hair color or slightly changes the shade. Book this service with a subtle, demi-permanent color for a touch-up to strengthen or subtly adjust your hair color.

Ghent color services

Hair coloring for men sometimes requires a different approach than for women. We take shorter hair and camouflage of gray hair into account. We ensure that you leave with a natural, fresh color.


Rob Peetoom
Peptide Prep Maintenance Shampoo
Peptide Prep Maintenance Shampoo

Care for colored hair