ghd: professionele styling tools voor salonwaardig haar

Products13 October, 2023

ghd: professional styling tools for salon-worthy hair

Written by Rob Peetoom

No more bad hair days with ghd

The story of ghd began in 2001 in Leeds, United Kingdom, with a group of scientists and engineers on a mission to revolutionize the world of hair styling. They created a groundbreaking hair straightener that maintained a consistent temperature and heated up within seconds. This innovation was a game-changer, enabling quick and effortless hair styling. The name "ghd" is an acronym for "Good Hair Day," perfectly encapsulating the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional hair experiences.

What sets ghd apart is its unwavering dedication to innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Their hair stylers feature top-of-the-line ceramic plates, ensuring consistent heat distribution while respecting the hair. This minimizes damage and results in a sleek, glossy finish. However, ghd's excellence extends beyond hair straighteners; explore the brand's top-selling products.

Rob Peetoom
Rob Peetoom


ghd Hot Brushes
Whether you want a beautiful curl, a smooth wave or voluminous waves, the ghd Hot Brushes offer the perfect solution for effortless hair styling. These innovative styling tools are designed to style hair quickly and easily, with the precision and performance ghd is known for.

ghd Helios Hair Dryer
The ghd Helios is a powerful hairdryer that dries quickly and efficiently. It has Aeroprecis™ technology for precise airflow and control. This hair dryer is lightweight and has different heat and speed settings, making it suitable for different hair types.

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ghd Curve Curling Irons
The ghd Curve range includes various curling irons to create beautiful curls and waves. These curling irons have ultra-zone technology for constant, even heat and a long lifespan of the curls.

ghd Platinum+ Styler
The ghd Platinum+ Styler is an advanced hair straightener with unique 'predictive' technology to adjust the temperature to your hair's needs, minimizing damage. This makes it ideal for people with fine hair or damaged hair.

Rob Peetoom
Duet 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler
Duet 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler

Quality, innovation and sustainability

ghd has captured the admiration of hairstylists, stylists, and consumers worldwide. The brand is celebrated, notably for the sustainability of its hair styling tools. These tools are crafted using premium materials and advanced technology to guarantee their longevity. ghd's commitment is evident in the production of enduring, high-quality equipment that delivers exceptional performance not just today but also in the future.